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Employment agencies

The links below will take you to the companies that have been certified according to Fair Produce

Click on the column headers to sort the companies according to name, location or Chamber of Commerce number. Newly registered companies are indicated by the N in front of their names. Companies that have recently had their certificate continued are indicated by a V.ed.

BedrijfsnaamGeldig totKvK
AB Werkt E-Flex B.V.24-3-202364934217info
AB Werkt Service BV24-3-202364933024info
Abeos Cross Border Services B.V.28-3-202456070292info
V Anka Uitzendbureau BV27-1-202355877982info
Avesta Uitzendbureau V.O.F.11-5-202358466487info
B2Works B.V.10-12-202309182823info
C&E Uitzendbureau B.V.10-4-202255878180info
V Contrain Poland SP. Z O. O29-4-202456241909info
Existence EK2-2-202280422659info
V Flexcraft Aldiver B.V.26-12-202423072062info
FLEXible HR service B.V.27-1-202361695009info
V Grandico Solutions9-12-202477220560info
Green Talent BV22-4-202327344449info
HOBIJ Staffing B.V.25-1-202417093022info
Jupiter Uitzendbureau Westland B.V.6-7-202312057259info
Me-Fi B.V.17-3-202376497127info
V Oriënt Uitzendorganisatie B.V.17-3-202217285808info
P&O Support Office BV2-3-202478698049info
People 2.020-8-202334292836info
PrismaWorx Uitzend BV13-7-202469287090info
V SD Worx Payrolling B.V.25-10-202414069215info
Selenay Uitzendbureau B.V.1-1-202264475948info
Step Job Uitzendbureau B.V19-3-202481253834info
Timing Uitzendteam B.V.27-3-202438019621info
Uitzendbureau Champi BV10-8-202369872716info
V Uitzendbureau HET B.V.17-12-202467264816info
Uitzendbureau Jobnet V.O.F.25-5-202362399586info
Via Work Support B.V.13-4-202473443794info
Z.O.N. Agrarisch B.V.14-11-202462221701info
Z.O.N. Flex B.V.14-11-202462219561info
Z.O.N. Uitzendgroep B.V.4-11-202417091893info