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The links below will take you to the companies that have been certified according to Fair Produce .

Click on the column headers to sort the companies according to name, location or Chamber of Commerce number. Newly registered companies are indicated by the N in front of their names. Companies that have recently had their certificate continued are indicated by a V.

BedrijfsnaamGeldig totKvK
Agarica BV18-5-202404017063info
Banken Champignons BV9-3-2024 10041307info
V Fresh Mushroom Europe N.V.24-9-2024info
Heereco BV14-7-202253506480info
Heme Sales BV21-3-202417265558info
Hooza Trading BV9-3-202412032692info
Kanters Paddestoelen BV1-2-202217210249info
Koolen Champignons BV23-3-202437125798info
Leenders - Trading 15-4-202211025067info
Limax BV29-4-202458673156info
Maasland Champignons Sales BV19-11-202330260436info
V Nesco BV1-12-202271936696info
V Pleunis Mushrooms1-12-202356633912info
Spronk Trading Holland BV25-1-202411068897info
Verhoeckx Paddenstoelen B.V.2-5-202411005905info
Westland Mushrooms BV9-3-202409189560info